We are pleased to present just a few of the many testimonials that honor not only the work that has been done by Professor Herb Gross, but the person that is Herb Gross. Others can be found on our other website www.adjectivenounmath.com on the Testimonials page and in our guest book.  Herb is also recognized as a master teacher of Calculus; his course Calculus Revisited, and many comments, can be found on the MIT OCW site. Please have a look! 

The adjective noun math page looks great. It's amazing how much you have on there and it's clear from the comments posted that people are getting a lot from all you have done. Its wonderful to have these resources available for anyone to use..for free! You don't see that often. I really enjoyed the classes that I was able to take with you, thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. I don't think I've ever learned so much or had as much fun in a class as I did there. It is clear you love what you do, and you are inspiring. 

Thank you for putting it all together, the lessons, videos, and study guides..its going to be so easy to use. The Algebra is hindering some of my students in their ability to do Geometry. Your Algebra lessons will be a great help. Thank you! Thank you for keeping in touch and for all you do. 

Chrysti Dufort 

Dear Mr. Gross,
First off I wanted to say a sincere thank you for your production of work on "Gateway to Algebra" and "Calculus Revisited". I find that your teaching style and charisma makes it very easy to enjoy learning these subjects. My 15 year old daughter was having trouble with her Algebra homework, a subject that I barely passed 20+ years ago. So after some searching of online materials available I found Gateway to Algebra. Not only has it helped her immensely I have watched it along with Calculus Revisited and now feel that I have a much different outlook to the world having a better understanding of these subjects. During my search the first few online series on mathematics I found were so boring that they were difficult to stay alert while watching them. Your videos are simply engrossing and it is difficult to not share your enthusiasm for the subjects. My question for you is this: Do you know of any website that lists you as one of the great teachers of distance learning or online learning? That may also list teachers of other subjects? I feel fortunate to have found your courses but would very much like to find other great teachers in other subjects.
Sincerely, Dean Plumber

I am currently watching your lectures on youtube. I would like to express how thankful I am to this initiave which illuminates my mind. i had few scholar notions about subjects like deritaves, complex numbers etc...Now how I feel confident that those notions are understood will help me love calculus

Warm regards, Eric Le Goff (from France)

the algebra course is excellent i would like to know if you have a trigonometry course for std 9th. roma-baji email correspondence

You have no idea how much hope your MIT Calculus videos have inspired in me.  After having obtained my Associates Degree in an unrelated field several years ago, I have resumed my studies at Brooklyn College in NY, and am now majoring in Math Education for middle schools as well as Computer Engineering. 

Calculus has been a stumbling block for me, such that I questioned my choice of major.  Although it is introduced as an advanced placement course in high school and not taught in middle school, it was holding me back from achieving my goals to become a middle school math teacher.  I "passed" the first course of a 3-part sequential calculus course with a C, but that is far from acceptable.  Even if I would have passed with a B, I felt that something was amiss.  That's where your videos come in to fill an important gap in my knowledge of the subject.  You and your videos have made a tremendous difference in my outlook as a teacher.  Not only am I gaining an in-depth knowledge of the subject, but equally as important, is the fact that I am also studying your teaching style.  I honestly feel that every future math teacher (and current ones too) should watch these videos, because I feel that it serves as a fundamental guide to great teaching even though you were addressing an older audience.

Thank You again  -- it's great to see that a true teacher never really retires from teaching.  

Warmest Regards,
Lisandra Jimenez

Professor Herb Gross came to Harnett and shared with us his program as a means of simplifying mathematics instruction through self-esteem.  Our general studies teachers were convinced that this mode of learning provided additional tools to reinforce other available teaching tools.  For the first time, our instructors had the flexibility to address all levels of achievement, regardless of the diverse mathematical backgrounds of the students. As a result, the students felt comfortable with the course and so did the instructors. The success of the course serves as a stimulus for students wanting to learn practical applications.  Professor Gross is one of those educators who practices things he preachers.  For example, when he talks about building self-esteem, he is serious and he puts it into use in his program as well as in the classroom.

Jimmy Brown, principal of the vocational school at the Harnett Correctional Institution in Lillington, NC.



Love of mathematics, love of teaching, and especially love of students and their learning of mathematics shine through everything Herb Gross writes. These passions, along with his vast experience with a uniquely wide range of students and his evident creativity, have combined to create some of the most interesting, innovative, and effective teaching materials in mathematics. They have changed my approach to teaching teachers, and I thank Herb and his collaborators for their generous sharing of these materials. Please--try them!

Professor Doug ClementsSUNY Distinguished Professor, Learning and Instruction, Graduate School of Education, University of Buffalo, The State University of New York 

You are always on my mind as I am teaching at NC State.  I open every year especially Calc II with 3 + 2 = 40. I say a wise man once showed me this.  I also use your gloogs and apples wehn expining to my college students why 2x + 5x = 67x.  They always say, "I wish someone had told me that in 5th grade."

Catherine Buell, Math Professor, NC State


Thank you for making me aware of this wonderful resource and for making this web site available.  Your work has been very helpful to me, my students, math teachers, and to many other mathematics educators and I am glad that the information is being shared to benefit more teachers and students. 

I have enjoyed and gained so much from taking and teaching the Math as a Second Language course with you and your brother Ken.   I thank you for the important role you played in developing the course and for the experiences and opportunities to work with and learn from you and other educators.  The experiences have been a real blessing to me and I am grateful for your support and willingness to share valuable instructional strategies.   The power points that you created with Rick Medeiros will be of great help to others and I will gladly spread the news!  

Beth Doherty

Instructor Math As A Second Language / Intel 

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